Active-Framework features

Explore the powerful features that enable you to integrate your projects quicker and easier


Data Modeling

Create models to structure your data with different point of views (geography, tenants, subsystems..)

Workflow automation

Automate every Niagara interactions with chained Niagara blocks.

Data exchange

Exchange data with outside platforms and databases. Connect to API.

Fully documented

Every component or widget is documented on the same format.

Elearning & tutorials

Learn by yourself with interactive elearning modules and step by step tutorials.

Boiler Plate stations

Don’t start from scratch and enjoy ready-to-use examples of station.


Light Console

Provide a light alarm console with the last 5 alarms with information, ack from the list directly.

Dynamic Routing

Route alarm to the right recipients according to active schedules.

Simplified synthesis

Create alarm synthesis by group of alarm classes to know how many are opened, acked…

Easy extension editing

Give access to a simplified alarm extension interface to change parameters very easily.


Build dashboards on alarms with KPI and charts showing distribution by alarm classes, floors..

Database research

Use a dedicated view to filter alarms from the database and select what information to display.

Tickets creation in CMMS

Use the generic alarm recipient to create a new ticket or a work order into a CMMS.

Notifications update

Send a notification when an alarm occurs in a messaging application like Slack.

Control Command

Outdoor temperature reset

Adjust the curve graphically in HTML5 and define a default profile.


Enjoy a dozen additional conversions for cases not covered by Niagara or AxCommunity.

Sequential function logic

Create sequential logic with transitions, actions and sub-sequences.

Reporting and Mail

Use enhance reporting features to personalize emails and report content.

Easy linking

Link your components using dropdown selections in the wiresheet.


Enjoy dozens of stand alone components to simplify your daily job.

Data modelING

BIM Synchronization

Synchronize with BIM applications to retrieve the BIM model for spaces.

Graph oriented

Create entities related together to form a graph representation. Make multiple graphs.

Relation and tag based

All created elements use vanilla Niagara tags and relations. Nothing proprietary!

Easy hierarchy creation

Enjoy automated built hierarchies from data model to devices and points.

Tagging decision tree

Use decision trees to avoid mistakes and to know which combination of tags to apply.

BSO-Project importer

Import and get updates from the Building Semanctic Ontology project.

Alarm tagging

Tags are propagated automatically to alarm records so you can use them on reports & search

History tagging

Tags are propagated automatically to histories so you can use them on reporting.

Multi-stations propagation

Share easily entities between stations , everything is handled under the hood.

Super Format

Strong and powerful format syntax to browse relations and tags to get entities

Dynamic structure

Adapt your model structure according to the local environment.

Data consistency

Metering extension

Use a dedicated extension for pulse meters to get only rising values. No more bumps and holes!

Last valid value

Keep active only the last valid value known to avoid incoherent values.

External status

Connect overridden status feedback coming from another point to the setting point.

Synthesis on status

Count the number of points in alarm, down, in fault status from a simple bql or neql query.

Synthesis on values

Create sum, average, min or max of multiple control points from a simple beql or neql query.

Multi-stations synthesis

Create synthesis of synthesis with the same tools and do it across multiple stations.

User Interface

Dashboard builder

Drag & drop interface made of pages and pre-built widgets to create dynamic and responsive views.

BQL Views

Create dynamic menus, lists, dashboards from a Bql query. Personalize the content with models.

Automated Charts

Display pre-configured charts based on histories tagging.

Live Charts

Display realtime data in a Pie chart, Column or Polar Web. You can group data together.

Enhanced widgets

Use stylish widgets: slider, material CanvasPane and BorderPane, bound table…


Create a better logging experience with material design and lot of personalization.

Sound player

Play any sound in a view with simple controls. No more need for an alarm console in every view 🙂

Zone creation

Draw zones to create new nodes in the model such as offices, meeting rooms…


Display sites on a map with markers. Define hyperlinks and a color by status.


Block based programming

Define workflows with chained Niagara blocks to execute automatically tasks.

Exhaustive tasks handling

Almost every interaction you have in a Workplace has its block so you can automate it.

Record & Play

Don’t want to create blocks by hand? Use the tasks recorder and then play them back on selections.

No coding

Configure easily the block in the Wiresheet as traditional blocks. No coding skills needed!

Logic management

Build workflows to create components, create links, set slots, add tags, set facets, set flags…

User rights management

Use blocks to create categories, roles and users and assign components to categories.

Views manipulation

Create views add graphics to them, set property values, define positioning…

Actions invoke

Trigger any actions of a component, it even handles action parameters.

Conditions handling

Make more advanced workflows with the use of condition operators like if, switch…

Automatic triggering

Trigger workflows on changes in the data mode, or define regular executions…

Batch applying

Trigger a workflow seamlessly on a selection of multiple components.

Easily extensible

A block is missing? Create one with a couple of coding lines.

Excel import / export

Network tree creation

Create any networks, devices, folders, points, extensions from a single Excel line row.

Export from scratch

No need to configure templates on first basis, just export, make changes and then re-import.

Dynamic columns

Columns are dynamic to define new features to specifiy in the Excel. 

Tags & relations

Define tags and relations very easily: marker, string, number…

Device & Point address set

Configure device and point address for most of networks.

Data modeling integration

Assign your assets in Excel to the model

Short syntax

Use super easy declarations like network/device. The system knows what to create automatically.

Template based

Create models for anything. Lighter than Niagara templates.



Read realtime values. Set values, override or emergency override.

Data modeling

Read the full graph or just a part with all the additional information.


Use the API to create new assets in a station based on given models.


Read alarms from an uuid or from a query. Ack alarms or delete alarms.


Read raw historical data or get aggregated values for a specific period.


Create new entities in the model and define some properties like polygon coordinates or color.


User action log

Log users actions on points such as setting a value, overriding…

Point value log

Log value changes from multiple points in a common group

System logs

Find easily issues, every major component has a logging option.

Workplace console

Enjoy a multi-stations log console in the workplace to check what’s happening in stations

History recipient

Save logs into histories

Active-Framework is a fast growing toolbox for Tridium Niagara 4 for System Integrators who needs to go beyond the vanilla components.



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