The ultimate toolset for Niagara Framework

Join 100+ companies who push Niagara beyond its limits

Fully integrated to Niagara

Keep your habits. We just enriched the experience inside.

Simple Powerful Generic

Everything has been thought as very generic to solve most of your cases

Example oriented

Never start from scratch. Build on the many examples provided

Designed for Niagara System Integrator


Save a lot of time

Use the Excel import/export tool a task recorder/player to save you important time on devices/points/extensions creation and modifications.


Deliver better user interface

Design matters when creating applications no matter the integration behind. Active-Framework offers a complete new experience to build efficient interfaces quickly.


Provide the best chart experience

Active-Framework embeds a lot of features to display Niagara histories into charts.


Integrate API and IoT

We created a generic Rest Driver to provide you all the options to connect to almost any API to retrieve real-time information, bookings, or histories.


Share data with third party applications

Active-Framework provides a connector framework to synchronize Niagara points in real-time with third local/cloud platforms and databases: Google IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, MongoDb, MQTT…


Create pre-configured applications

Replace manual integration by ready-to-deploy Niagara stations using workflows

We're biased... Read what our users say

Active-Framework is a fast growing toolset for Tridium Niagara 4 to gain productivity and interact with 3rd party systems

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